Sunday, May 18, 2008


Here is the next page for Nate's Soccer Book. I really like this one. I have some other things I want to post so hopefully I will get to it later on tonight or tommorow. Hope you had a great weekend!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Here are the first 4 pages of Nates soccer scrapbook pages. I am so enjoying doing these. I hope to get at least 10 made for him this season. Wish me luck, and I will try to show you more as I get them compleated.

MIA? No, just busy! Happy Mothers Day to all you Great Moms!

Well, I know it has been a few days since I have updated this blog, but I have been so busy. Maggi is home and that was a huge task, packiing and getting all her stuff out of her dorm and then unpacking and still working on getting things in there place. I am so thankful Tom went with me and helped haul all the stuff down the stairs and to our cars. He was a huge help! While we were there, we spent the night with Michael and Abbie and Nate, and that was great to see them and go to Nates soccer practice. I forgot to mention the disasters that proceeded us going....First, all those green beans i put up, spoiled. Over 5 gallons I had to throw away! What a dissapointment. Then my tiller quit running while I was trying to clean up the garden, then the worst, my computer messed up and I thought I lost ALL the scrapbooking I have done! Well I did get my computer up and running the next day, after a night of panic, and did not loose anything, and ALL is backed up now. I am usually good about backing up stuff, but dont know what I had not backed up the 100's of hours I had spent gathering scrapbooking stuff and all the pages I had made so far. A lesson learned for sure. Anyway, now I have been in bed, nauseated for the past day so thats why no new posts lately. I do have some pics and some things I want to share so check back soon! Happy Mothers Day to all you Moms! And on that note, be sure to be thankful if your mom is still with you. My mom has been gone for about 28 years, she died of breast cancer at just 47. She was an inspiration to me, and I look forword to eternity with her! But I do miss her alot here, even now. Just give your mom an extra hug, it will make me feel better!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Here in America!

This is a great song that should make all of us who call ourselves Christian realize we should stand up for what we believe. I wanted to share it with you guys and sorry it has been so long between posts...i have at least two topics that I hope to get on later today! Beautiful pictures but the words are the impacting factor.....

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ever Been Put Under Pressure?

Well I have been busy this week and have not had a chance to check in. We have been blessed this week with much needed rain to help out our crops and needless to say, has made my garden florish. I can't believe how many green beans I am getting out of there. I have even gone back in time and started canning them! You know, as I boil them, to preserve them, it just reminds me that as we become more and more like Chirst, we too, are boiled (put under pressure) so that we can stand up against time and the elements we face. It also changes them once they have been through the boiling process and like us, we too, should be changed when we go through the refining process. Remember this the next time you are put under pressure. It won't be long, I am sure! Pressure seems to come often in my life! Who would have thunk it? God has been showing me many things in my life he wants me to give up or change. I am sure it is not going to be easy to change bad habits but I do want to please Him. A freind pointed out that I dont have one of our dogs on my this is for you Dixie! She is now added to my pics. Didn't mean to overlook her! She was a stray, so afraid of people and now, she is for sure, Tom's best ridin' buddy. Keep checkin' up on me and leave me some love in my comments! Blessings to all :)