Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Save Your Ta Ta’s

Heather, one of my CT gals told me she saw a bumper sticker that said “Save Your Ta Ta’s”  How funny is that?  So of course it reminded me that I AM A SURVIVOR!  I want to encourage all my blog readers to do this……….

Squeeze Your Boobies!a

Seriously, I found my cancer with my yearly mammogram so what ever it takes to keep us alive.. lets do it!  Early detection is the key!  Which reminds me of another story…

When we were in Canada, we were going to Old Town Quebec and saw all these pink headed people walking with police escorts.. literally 1000’s of people… so I snapped a few photos, and finally rolled my window down and asked if anyone spoke English and a lady said she did.  I asked if they were marching for breast cancer awareness and she said yes… I hollered.. “ I am a 15 year survivor!” out the window… they all gave me a good Canadian Whoot!  and next thing I knew that lady was tapping on my window with a Canadian Breast Cancer T-Shirt!  Wasn't that nice?  She is the one in the foreground in this first photo. 


There she is with the pink cap!


So squeeze those boobies!  : )T

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are You Having A Party?

I have the cutest little Halloween Pack if you are having a party or if you are taking goodies to school for a party there!  This is an easy kit with several things that you can mix and match to make your goodies “stand out in a crowd”  What do you think?


Made from my kit, 2 Cute 2 Spook!  Be sure to snag the coupon code a few posts earlier to save some money on the kit!  I would love to see some pictures if you use any of these!  Includes:

2 waterbottle wraps

3 treat wrappers

3 cupcake wrappers

3 cupcake toppers ( can be used as tags too!)

1 note card

1 blank invitation

I have a little something for you today too!  A coupon code for my 2 Cute 2 Spook Hybrid.  Good through Oct 31, 2009

2c2s_hybrid_coupon copy

Monday, October 19, 2009

Opps! She Did It Again!

You remember a few weeks ago I showed you a darling kit, Farm Fresh by Late Night Scraps?  Well Kelly has done it again!  This time with a “companion” kit, Happy Haunting by Late Night Scraps.  She is the featured designer at Ahhh Scrap and Kelly has made this a sweet deal by offering a coupon if you purchase the bundle!  How cool is that? 

Here are some layouts that I made with Happy Haunting!  I love that you can use this for just your basic fall photos but what a darling kit for all your Halloween pictures and parties.  The fall one was taken when we were in New Hampshire in a quaint little town, where the shop owners all had dressed up props in cute fall themes.  The “pumpkin gal” was getting a lot of attention!  LOL  Then I saw the "” Mother Nature” and and I immediately thought that they would make a great layout proving, “Its not nice to fool Mother Nature”. 


This second one was from Nate last year, and he was so excited to go trick or treating.   They had a trailer all decked out with hay and chairs and several of his little friends, mommies all riding on the trailer, dads riding shotgun in the truck,  but at the very first house they went to, a man was dressed up like the grim reaper and stood perfectly still till Nate and his friends got close and then moved and scared them all!  That was it!  Back to the house they all went and just finished up the night with friends and family!  What kind of person scares a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds?  Oh well… shall see how it goes this year!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Forever Yours QP Freebie and AN INVITATION!!!!!

Here I am again with a beautiful little kit to show off for a fellow designer at Pretty Scrappy.  Tricia Curtis Designs “Forever Yours” is a beautiful kit with rich textured papers and elements too!  I loved working with it and made you this QP.  Remember its only available for one week so get it while you can.  Then head over to Pretty Scrappy to see all the matching and coordinating goodies that Tricia has for you to go with this kit.  Heres a preview of Forever Yours

and now the freebie I promised for you.  Remember to scroll down for a special invitation!


Ok are you curious about the Invitation?  Well if you like to look at galleries for inspiration, and if you like to encourage others and if you like FREE PRODICTS then Pretty Scrappy has an invitation for you!


It is a great opportunity to join a team with a great reward for just being nice and leaving some encouraging comments in our gallery.  Who doesn't like to have at least a few comments made on your layouts?  I know I do!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Paying it Forward!

A few days ago I got a call from someone who said they “thought they were at my house”.  I was like ok?…. anyway I asked who it was and he said it was the local florist.  To my surprise I had a beautiful bouquet of pink roses from my wonder hubby and my daughter.  I know it was my daughter who negotiated the deal.. LOL that's why daughters rock!  Anyway,  she asked me to take a picture of them to show her.  I had just done that today when I got an instant message from her ( she is 20 and away at college) saying she was missing home today!  I am missing her too.  Again she asked if I had taken the pictures of the flowers so, I decided I would bless her with this blog post!  I am sending her this big bouquet of flowers  just because I love her!  She has been a blessing to me and my hubby and yes, even her brothers.  But I just want her to know how special she is to me and how much I value her not only as my daughter, but as a person.  She is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well.  She has been one of God’s most precious blessings to me!  Love you Maggi and here is your very own bouquet of roses!  Get you some floral spray and smell them!  Thanks for thinking of me, it made my day and I hope this makes yours!


They smell so nice!  Very fragrant.  Check out the close up!  Pink, your favorite color too!  Love you Maggi! 


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2 Cute 2 Spook QP Freebie and some Inspiration

Whew!  Its been a wild few days for me.  I am finally getting around a little better since pulling a muscle in my stomach.  Still in some pain but nothing like it was when it happened.  So, I have been on my computer a  little more lately.  You may remember one of my CT gals, Sarah Taylor aka threeunderfour and she made this darling little QP for you with my new kit, 2 cute 2 spook.  Thanks Sarah, its darling!   I hope you can use it and be sure to check out the full kit and all the little add-on goodies that go with it. I am only selling at Pretty Scrappy, so its one stop shopping!  Without further ado, here is the QP!



I ran across this little poem and wanted to share it with you.  Maybe some can use it to pass along with your treats this Halloween.  I am not a huge fan of Trick or Treating, but if you do have little kiddo’s coming to your door, (I never do since we live out in the country) maybe put this in their bag along with your treat.  I went ahead and added the one about the pumpkins too!  Both are good reminders for us!   Hope when you see a pumpkin, or grab some candy corn this year you will be reminded of these simple truths.  His, Teri

YELLOW reminds us of God's "Light of the world", Jesus Christ
ORANGE reminds us of the fiery flames that Jesus saves us from
WHITE reminds us of the righteousness that is ours through Jesus
The sweet taste reminds us of the sweetness of God's Words!
(Psalm 119:103) Dawn Truett=-)

God picks you from the patch, brings you in, and
washes all of the dirt off which you may have gotten
from other pumpkins.  Then, He cuts the top off and
scoops out all of the yucky stuff.  He removes seeds
of doubt, hate, greed, unforgiveness, etc.  Then, He
carves a new smiling face and puts His light inside of you
to shine for all the world to see.  Are you letting your
light shine?  Be a jack-o-lantern for Jesus!                                 
Dawn Truett=-)

Monday, October 12, 2009

I’m Back! Here’s the Reason Why!!!

I saw these darling little Goblin’s and, well one thing led to another and before I knew it I was making a kit! So, I guess I’m back! I am only selling at Pretty Scrappy but I hope you will jog over and take a closer look at my new kit, 2 Cute 2 Spook by Teri Mayo. I made a little felt paper pack to go along with this and am working on making some more little Goblin’s to use as an add on or for any of your Halloween photos! They are so cute and whimsical! I had a rough night last night and ended up in the ER! I apparently have torn a muscle in my lower stomach and have some internal bleeding that my body will absorb, so Praise the Lord! I was in excruciating pain, so I am thankful that ( at 3:30 am ) they were finally able to tell exactly what I had done after doing umpteen tests, but the one that showed the tear was a CAT scan. Glad to be home and am sore and have a few weeks of recovery till I am back to 100% but I feel so blessed to be able to know what it is. So, without further ado… here is 2 Cute 2 Spook!


and the matching paper pack


Oh and what is a Halloween Kit with out a little treat? So just for you here is a Coupon just for you! You can find it all at Pretty Scrappy. Preview image will take you to the store or you can click here. :)T


Until next time… Create, Inspire and Share! :) T

Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Harvest QP Freebie! Limited Time Offer

Tracie of Blue Maige Designs has a darling new kit out called “Happy Harvest”  I love the cardstock add on papers she made for this kit too!  You can get them individually or in the bundle which I would suggest.  The alpha is so cute!  See for yourself. And the colors are spot on for the fall season! 

PS Happy Harvest

Here is the Cardstock add on.  Textured perfectly I might add. 

PS Happy Harvest Cardstock

And this adorable alpha is a must have too!  Love the painted chipboard.  Its slightly sanded to give that grungy look.

Happy Harvest Alpha PSPackaging

I guess I love this kit because of the Harvest theme.  I am so reminded of how the Lord tells us that the fields are ripe for harvest but the labors are few.  How true this is today as we look at this world and their empty lives trying to find happiness in everyplace but the one true place that we can find it.  And that is with a relationship with the Lord.  Lets be about His business in telling others about Him and “His Harvest”.  Here is a little QP that I made for my friend Melanie, for her birthday today.  This was on our trip to Maine. They are a super fun couple and we had a blast with them!  So Happy Birthday Melaine and here is a “party favor” for stopping by my blog!  It will be available  for 7 days so grab it while you can!  Then go and check out Tracie’s designs at the stores listed under my previews. Have a great weekend!  His, Teri

White Mountains _ web


Click on preview to get the download. 


Blue Maige Designs can be found at these stores:

Digital Scrap Ink

Pretty Scrappy


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Autumn Harvest QP Limited Time!

I have a great little freebie for you available for only 7 days here on my blog!  I used Inspired Mommie Designs latest kit, Autumn Harvest.  With all my fall photos I took on my trip I can’t get enough of these fall kits that are out there now.  I loved the color range in this kit and it was easy to use the variety of elements included too!   Check it out for yourselves at Pretty Scrappy! Click on preview to go to the store.



Here is my freebie!  Click to Enjoy!


Sorry Link Expired!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Farm Fresh just in time!


Did I tell you that there was a cute kit lurking around?  Well there is and its just in ripe for the pickin’.  Its Kelly’s from Late Night Scraps darling new kit called Farm Fresh.  It was the perfect kit to help me scrap some of my pictures from this years trip to Maine.  You can find it at these three great stores:

Plucky Pear Designs (home store)
Ahhh Scrap


Here are two of my layouts that I have made with Farm Fresh.  Pick it while it’s fresh! 

font Glider Girls
Farm Fresh by Late Night Scraps

This was at a roadside fruit stand in New Hampshire.  Check out the sign! Do you think you can really get all that at this one stand?  One can only wonder. 

Donna Duncombe for partial word art
Farm Fresh kit by Late Night Scraps

Aren’t the fresh flowers beautiful!  I loved the sunflowers and the crinkly petals.  Hope it inspires you to pick up this kit!  His, Teri