Friday, October 31, 2008

When Exactly is Dusk? And what happens "After Dusk" ?

Here we are already into November! Its hard to believe that the holidays are approaching and we are all getting busy. This months theme is "After Dusk" and as I reflected on what to add to the "train" I decided to make some word art for you! Most of us remember what life After Dusk was like, we just don't have that life anymore....ha ha! So my word art is a combination of whimsy and reflections! I hope you can find a use for some of them, if not all of them, in your layouts! A special "Thank-you" to Scrappy Shannon and Willow Raven for allowing me to use their kits to enhance my Word Art.


I also cant get Halloween off my mind I guess with having grandkids and getting photos of them in their cute costumes.... I thought this may be cute for one of those last minute photos of your cute little spooks! Hope someone can use it and its not too late! But I also made it WITHOUT the wordart for those who just want to get the QP. Both .png files are in the download! Click on the one WITH the word art for the download for both. For this part of my contribution I used Bits & Bobs collab kit.



Thanks to all who participated. Here's the, get on board and grab your goodies!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

2 Cute Punkins!


These have to be the cutest "Punkins" in this Pumpkin Patch!  Well I guess it depends on who is doing the pickin' but for me, this Ole'  Gramsie thinks they are just about the sweetest things I have ever seen in any pumpkin patch.  I hope to get a little freebie posted later today, but until then.....BOO!

How Perfect is this?

As many of you have read on my blog, that today was a rough day for me.  I had to put my little 4 1/2 lb. bundle of joy to sleep.  Brighton was a great buddy and I will miss her terribly.  But, how perfect is this?   I made this template over  weeks ago, and planned to post it this week as I have all the other templates.  Now, I dont believe things happen by chance, but did you notice, the word art I chose for this month?  I was so blessed when I saw it!  And it was just a little hug from the Lord, to know that He knew I would need a little more grace today and so, as He is faithful, I bring you October's template.  And  as you see this, just remember that the Lord not only knew that I would need encouragement today, but that He, too, knows what your needs are today.  So, cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you! 1Peter5:7  Oh, and I have some GREAT news to share, just not yet, so today has been bittersweet for me!  I will let you know why I am so excited real soon!  His, Teri  Oh, yeah.  Thanks to all who left comments to me today.  :)



Today is a Hard Day...."I'm gonna miss this...

I'm gonna want this back.... "  You know the song, right?.  I am having to put my little Yorkie "Brighton" to sleep.  It was a  hard decision and  even though I know its the right thing to do, its a hard thing too.  She has been with me thru a lot and has been a great buddy to me.  So, for all you animal lovers, say a little prayer for me.  Its going be a tough day.  I will post my calendar template later on this afternoon for all of you who are anxiously awaiting it.   


   Feb 28, 1998 - Oct 30, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

This will get you.... Hook, Line and "Stinker" plus 2 more freebies

Here are my newest layouts from Crafty Scraps.  I love the outdoor things she does!  This one, her fishing kit just was perfect for some photos I had of my husband and my grandson having a great time, digging for worms, and catching perch in the Medina river.  They had a great time and I loved the layout, after of course I had to change the poster to read something fmore appropriate for the occasion!  LOL.... Now, I am not saying who the "stinker" is!  But I think it could fit either one!  Hope you enjoy!  His, Teri




Click on preview to go to the Crafty Scraps Store!


And this is another layout that I made using her Camping kit.  I love the rustic outdoors feel of this great kit.  You can find the kit at her store and if you want the QP, you know what you gotta do, right?  Click it!



Friday, October 24, 2008

I Didn't Want to Say Goodbye to September......the calendar remember?

Well I have to admit it!  I am getting behind!  Don't worry, I have all the templates made and ready to share, I just havent gotten last months layout done myself!  And now, Its time to share September's and I dont have a preview to share of it either............can some one say "Bad Blogger" Teri?  But, all is not lost.  I will share my inspiration for this layout.  It is my other layout in my top 3 all time ever.  



Thursday, October 23, 2008

Want a Conundrum? Shabby Elegance!



This is a new kit from lbCreations called Shabby Elegance.  I liked the color choice and how she was able to incorporate a little shabby with the to speak.  On the first QP I thought of the word "Simple" or "Simply" right off the beginning so I went with "Simply..." because, number one, I love the alpha's that came with the kit and #2, I felt that you can add what ever message underneath the word simply.  In my case, I added memories....These were some pics of my family as I remember them growing up and I am in the process of scanning them, so they were fresh on my mind.



In the second layout, I wanted to use a little more Shabby look and I loved the glittered swirls.  I like the long frame that can be used to isolate just part of a picture to really showcase your photo.  Hope you can use these for something!  See how a kit can make 2 completely different pages?   Now, run on over to check out Babette's things  at or visit her at to see all her great kits. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Little Birdie Told Me........#2...........

I guess this "Little Birdie" has been busy!  This is a layout I made it show off my grandkids!  As the layout confirms....they are the love of my life!  This is the second kit I have used with this theme in the title!  This is from Angels Wings & Things and I love the whimsical elements!  The colors are bright and cheery and I wanted to share it with you today!  Its a small kit but makes up for the size in its great colors and elements!  Hope you can use it to show off something special to you.......A Little Bridie Told Me...... you could!



Here is a look at Angels kit...from


Monday, October 20, 2008

Rustic Kit Must Mean Autumn is Here!

These have to be 2 of my very favorite layouts that I have ever made.  And I mean this wholeheartedly!  Tell me what you think?  They were both taken in Maine, the butterflies I took last year and the landscape, was taken on the second day of our trip there.  This kit from My Scrap Shop has to be on my list of tops too!  I love outdoor photography and nature, so this was a no brainier for me.  I hope you like the QP's and please go over to My Scrap Shop to see what other great kits they have there.  Remember you manners and say thanks.... Teri



Ok, this is right up my alley as far as colors and textures!  I love the rich look and feel of My Scrap Shops "Rustic Kit".   It has a natural feel about the whole kit, yet it combines rich, colors and textures to make it, in my opinion, one of the cutest kits out in the market today!  Be sure to go check out all the things at My Scrap Shop.  



Darhena_RusticKit_Elements_Preview Darhena_RusticKit_Papers_Preview

3 Great Fall Freebies...say that 3 times real fast!

Here are 3 great Fall layouts, each uniquely created!  The first are the set of 6 Cup Cake Toppers.  They should be printed on Card Stock so they will stand up once placed on top of your fall cupcakes.  I think you could just as easy use them for little gift tags for those homemade goodies, or even use them for sucker cards for your kiddo's Fall Festival Parties!  Use your imagination!  Todays freebies are all from kits from Arts and Scraps at  The Cup Cake toppers are from her Barely Fall Kit. 


The second freebie is from Karyl's Autumn Daze kit.  They are designed to be printed in a 3 x 6 format on card stock then you fold them in half.  The you fold under each end 1 " and tape or glue together to form a tent place card.  They can be cut to use as a place card if you have a holder you would rather put them in.  Be sure to crop them before you print to save on your ink!  Now, there will be no arguing as to where you want your guest to sit for your Fall Family Get-Together's! ( I am full of tongue twisters today! )


Here is a QP I made from her Keeper of the Crows Kit.  I loved the colors and the elements in this great Fall Kit.  She has such cute, whimsical characters and elements!  I love working with them!  This was an easy, peasy layout to throw together!   The word art just tied my feelings together to complete this great layout.  I hope you can use it for one of your autumn or harvest photos!  Again, be sure to go over to Kary's shop and look at all her great kits from Arts and Scraps!  Leave her some love for lettin' me share!  Have a great day!  Happy Fall..yall!




Sunday, October 19, 2008

Come Let Us Go to the Mountain of the Lord!

This is a great layout I made using Lady V dZine's Vintage Wallpaper.  I love the kit and the colors.  I had this photograph that I had taken up at my house in the Hill Country of Texas and I wanted to use it and the scripture came to my mind of the "Mountains of the Lord"  and it just set the layout off...don't you think?  I am sharing my other layout that I made with this kit, but sorry, I had to choose just one to offer as a freebie!  And this too, will only be up for one week so, get it now if you want it because it is a limited offer.  I cant wait to post more about how great the Lord has been lately, but it is getting late and I wanted to get this on tonight, so come back to see what's going on!  Blessings and Grace for your need today!  His, Teri



Here is your Freebie...just remember that it is for a short time only!


***** Link Expired ******

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pretty Scrappy's New Collab Kit "Sunset" and a Brag-Book Blog-Train Freebie!


Here is my part of this great Brag-Book Blog-Train! This is a GREAT kit and has so many papers and elements that are all so scrapper-friendly! I love the colors and textures of this Collab kit! Way to go Pretty Scrappy Designers! You out-did yourselves with this great versatile kit! So to get you started on this one way train...grab my part here, you know the drill, click on the preview, and to go to the Pretty Scrappy Store, click on the Collab kit preview. I know they have some great add-on's over there for this great kit also! Be sure to visit all the great designers listed below to pick up your BB Freebies! You won't be disappointed ladies! Whoo-Hoo.....chugga-chugg- chugg....this ole' train is rollin' out! Have a great weekend! His, Teri


Baby Yaks

My Sweet Tater

Just Passin Thru

Scrapping Shannon

Dorothy's Creations

Share Joy

Ladybug Pages


Designs by Mel

Lady V dzine

Designs by Angel

Creations by Rachael B

Teri's Thing-O-My-Jigs

Pucker Up for a "Kiss of Romance"

Here is a another wonderful kit from Jessica Edwards! It is called Kiss Of Romance. I fell in love with the colors and this first QP is one of my very favorite QP's ever! So that ought to tell you something! Not to mention how absolutely darling my little granddaughter is! Did I tell you the truth? Is she not "2Cute?" I hope you can use this for some of your great pics too!



This next one I used my other go to gal when I need something darling! That my beautiful daughter! I love the greens and browns and her outfit was just perfect for this layout! The Kit can be found at Click on the previews to download or to go straight to the store to grab this kit. Enjoy! Blessings and Grace to meet you needs today! Teri




Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to YOU Matt!!! Here is the "Shout Out" I promised"


Our middle son, had his 29 birthday on Sunday October the 12th.  How I can have kids that age is truly a miracle I have yet to comprehend?  How they are aging and I am not! *** LOL***  We had all made plans to meet in Austin for a little get-together that ended up not happening.  Well, we missed each other and played phone tag on his birthday, so I felt kinda bummed.  Maybe that's another reason I am not nominated for Mother of the year!  I should have, Matt, made more of an effort to get in touch with you!  BUT to my surprise,  He (Matt) said...well I checked your blog ( OH gosh, he is reading my blog!) and thought he would see a "shout out" to him for his B-Day.  Better late than never right?  My birthday wish for you is that you will "Grow in Wisdom and Grace", Matt, and that apart from Christ, that you will not ever be fully satisfied!   This is not the first time you have heard that right?   I remember the first time when you were in college and we told you that we were praying for you and Michael, that you would not be happy outside the will of God, and oh, how that did not go over well with you or Michael.  I still smile when I think of yalls conversation about that...calling each other and saying that you could not believe we were praying that!  Well, when you want the best for your kids what else can we want for you!  Oh, and that new truck you so badly need, I hope you will find the perfect one, at the perfect price and at Gods perfect time too!  We love you, Matt and have enjoyed watching you (finally) grow up (some) HA HA.  Well after all, I don't want to get a brand new, unrecognizable son.  You are the one, who has brought much laughter, fun and happiness to all of us and I love you and the young man you have become.  I think your beautiful new wife, Robyn, may have some part in that too!  Look forward to getting together soon!   

How About A Little Praise? A closer look at Proverbs 31:28

Now who doesn't like to get a little Praise every now and then? I know I do! So, lets look a little closer at Proverbs 31:28 "Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her". I had to chuckle when I looked at this verse for several reasons! Let me "splain" myself here. First of all....seriously, her children "ARISE" ...well that's was new concept when my kids were still at home...they slept half the day! And when they did finally arise at the crack of noon...they didn't arise and call me blessed! They mostly wanted to get me to do something for them, to help them get going and off to what ever they had planned for the rest of there day. But that is just a side note! Now about this concept. You know, all my children are either married or out on their own now, but for me, this is a scripture that I desire so much in my life! I think even more so than when they were all home and under foot. And this month, reflecting on the loss of my mother at a young age, I was 20 and a brand new mother of 2 very small boys and she was 47 at the time of her death. I really miss having her in my life. But, I see now, how blessed I was, and I regret not being able to share deeper spiritual things with her. So, my desire is that I can live my life in such a way, that my children will think of me often, even as they arise, and look at me and my life and feel blessed. I am sad to say, that I don't think this is a reality in my life now, but I hold on to the promise's of His Word. As I grow spiritually, I see so many mistakes that I have made, and want to make sure I learn from those and move on to leaving a positive, Christian influence on my children. Isn't that the ultimate goal of a Godly mother? Now, it doesn't stop there. Her husband also praises her! Now I am blessed to have a super fantastic husband who is full of praise for me! My need is to live up to that praise! For those of us who are blessed in this way, lets remember to be forever thankful for that blessing that is so easily and often taken for granted. And if you are not blessed with a Man who worships you (and as a friend of ours once said, about how a husband should treat his wife) and treats you like fragile china..( isn't that a great thought? ) well we still have the promises of God to hold on to. That by our very lives and the way we live it before him, that we can win him over to the Lord. So, lets be about letting our light so shine before men ( in this case our family ) that they will glorify our Father who is in Heaven. For sure, today's post is something to ponder! So ponder away! Blessings and Grace to meet you at your greatest need today and everyday, Teri.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here's Your August Calendar Template, now you send me your finished one and I will post the preview HERE!

I wanted to get this on so you gals can get started on it.  I hate to admit that haven't  gotten this one finished myself.  This is similar to the layout a few months back.  They are templates I made with the idea that they can be used for a double page layout.  I will post the template as a freebie soon, so just keep watching.  When I get mine done, I will come and edit the post to include it, but you can get a head start on me by grabbing yours now! Hey maybe one of you can send me yours and I will post it here instead of mine!  First one to send it to me will get posted!  Grab it and get started!  Have a great day!  Teri



Monday, October 13, 2008

There is "Hope In Sight"

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I will use this a an opportunity not only to honor those who have courageously fought the battle with cancer and lost, but also those who, like me, are survivors!  I was 37 when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I had gone for my regular mammogram ( I started at 30 since my Mom also had Breast Cancer ).  I was actually the first one at a new hospital where they were using a new machine, and so when they did my mammogram, they had people in there who read it immediately, making sure the machine was working properly.  So, here they came again, wanting to take another type of X-ray.   Hrhm, I didn't like the sound of that.  So, once again, I wait.  It was sure taking them a long time to tell me to get dressed!  Well finally, get dressed and meet the Dr. in his office.  And here he came, Uh Oh.  He didn't look happy.  Then I heard it again, you have Breast Cancer.  I say again because I had heard these words before, but they were spoken to my Mom.  Now, it was my turn.  I didn't like them when i heard them the first time, and I didn't like them this time either.  He had already scheduled an appt. with a surgeon and I was to go straight there.  I was numb.   My husband was out of town.  The world stopped!  I remember getting in my car and driving to a park overlooking the bay and thinking as I watched the cars coming and going, people walking their dogs.  Life was going on!  I called my husband and waited to go to the surgeon in who's hands I was about to place my life.  Well it was a whirlwind few days, and in 3 days time, I had a biopsy, and a mastectomy!  Now I wont go in to all the details, but to make this short, I had 6 months of Chemo, and was sick as a dog!  My Dr. said that 2% of the people got as sick as I did.  Well now, its 15 years later and I am still here!  I am thankful for the Dr's and the technology that detected my small aggressive cancer with a simple mammogram.   So, Please,Please,Please....have your yearly mammogram's and check your self monthly.  It may very well save your life.  I want to share with you a special kit by Designs by Angel from Pretty Scrappy called " Hope In Sight".  I wanted to make some pages to honor my mother, who was not as fortunate as myself, in her battle against cancer, but found something far greater in the midst of her battle.  She died at the young age of 47, but through her cancer, she became a Christian.  I can remember visiting her one time when she was in an excruciating amount of pain and she looked at me and my husband and said these words I will never forget!  "Kids, I want you to know, that if this is what it took for me to know the Lord, I would go through it all again!"   What a testimony!  I share this, and my layouts to honor my Mom, my Hero.



And now for your Freebies since you were so patient with me in letting me share my story with you.  Here are the two QP's I made along with the preview of Angels Kit from Pretty Scrappy.   To get the previews, just click on the image.  For the kit, click on the preview to go to the Pretty Scrappy Store.  Share my story with others and save a loved ones life or the life of a friend!



Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Birdie Told Me ....***LIMITED TIME FREEBIE***

***Link expired****

This is a great new kit by Dorothy's Creations from Pretty Scrappy! "A Birdie Told Me" is a great little kit full of whimsical elements. Just my kind of kit! I will only have this available for download for 7 days so if you want it you gotta grab it now. After that, it may go to the Pretty Scrappy Store. But either way, its only available for a short time! This is new for me, to just offer a freebie for a short time but it is an agreement with Pretty Scrappy and I have to honor that! So,the good news is you get this free now! If you are interested in this kit, all you have to do is click the preview and it will take you to the Pretty Scrappy Store!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Love Cats too......

Here is the sequel to the "I Love Dogs" Name Frame.  This is for all you cat lovers!  I would never want to leave you out!  Have a Blessed Lords Day !   :) Teri